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It’s easy to understand making better health choices by subscribing to a diet or incorporating specific supplements into our daily routines. But narrowing our approach to an exclusive focus on our physical bodies can leave a large part of our holistic wellness unaddressed.

Sometimes, in order to achieve a deeper, more complete version of wellness, we may need to incorporate methods and programs that address our inner damage as well, relieving the emotional scarring built on a lifetime of personal experiences.

One such program that turns our healing inward is the work of Karen Paolino Correia, a certified hypnotist, life coach, and angel intuitive serving the Greater Boston area. Karen works to awaken people to their inner voices, training them to tap into their mind-body, emotional-body, and spirit-body connections.

She explains, “We have mind-thoughts, we have emotions, and we have a spirit, so when we start to awaken and heal all aspects of who we are, we can come to a wholeness within ourselves.”

One of the ways Karen promotes this depth of healing is through hypnosis, helping her patients access a state of supreme relaxation. In this state, a person can open the door to their subconsciousness, allowing for reprogramming of their negative thoughts and poor behavioral patterns.  

Karen elaborates, “Hypnosis is nothing more than helping people get into a more relaxed state to get [their conscious self] out of the way. And then I work with the person’s soul . . . to find out where the root causes of the physical, mental, emotional issues are.”

Once the root causes of unwellness are discovered, we can begin the process of correction. For example, a person battling negative thoughts or experiencing roadblocks to overcoming trauma can be retrained or reprogrammed to understand their worthiness of vitality and self-love.

However, incorporating such programs into traditional healthcare practice isn’t without its challenges. Leslie Frodema, RN describes, “I have a lot of training in western medicine and a lot of belief in western medicine, but I think for a lot of people, you have to pick one or the other,” in regards to non-traditional care. 

But, fortunately, Leslie Frodema isn’t someone who has to choose between western medicine and holistic healthcare. She is a team member at Hopkins Medical Group, a practice built on an understanding that for most people, working through Illness can be an incredibly vulnerable experience. 

And, broadening their medical toolbox to encompass a diverse community of healers, can only open up greater pathways and opportunities for their patients to achieve wellness. The more resources they’re able to provide for their patients, the better their chances are at achieving real and lasting healing. 

To hear more from Karen, Leslie, and the Hopkins Medical Group team, listen to the Genius Wellness Podcast, Episode 7: Angel Intuitive – Connect to Your Inner Voice.