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We think patient care should be about restoring the health of the people we treat, instead of just addressing their current symptoms. At Hopkins Medical Group, we consider our patients' whole health picture, getting to the root-causes of disease and setting people up to live healthy, wellness-centered lives. Our highly experienced staff is hand-selected for their functional medicine expertise, and their unwavering belief in a better patient care system.
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You should expect more from your health care provider.

Functional Medicine is a biology-based approach to health care that focuses on identifying and treating root-causes of symptoms and disease. At Hopkins Medical Group, our patients enjoy longer appointments and more time with their practitioners, either in-office or via telemedicine. They receive comprehensive treatment plans based on their unique health history, lifestyle, and biological makeup, and benefit from coordinated care management with non-HMG specialists.

Medical Services
Medicine, in Many Forms

We understand wellness as an important piece of your health.

We practice a preventive medicine approach, in which we connect our patients to the resources they need to live healthy, wellness-centered lives. We're proud to provide an alternative to the status quo, understanding that writing prescriptions and treating symptoms are just a small part of helping people heal. Keeping up with the lastest innovations, and continually expanding our wellness services, we have what you need to help you feel your best.

Wellness Services
Medical-Quality Aesthetics

Sometimes feeling your best also means looking your best.

We offer a full suite of aesthetics services - because looking your best shouldn't mean sacrificing the quality and safety of medical-grade services. Our trained and certified team is dedicated to providing you with the best products and therapies in the aesthetics industry, in an environment that's calm and clean. We'll use our expertise to establish what works from what doesn't, come up with a plan based on your goals, and ultimately, help you shine the way you deserve.

Aesthetics Services

Meet Our Team

Founded By

Patricia Hopkins, MD

Dr. Patricia Hopkins has been practicing medicine for 30 years. She did her undergraduate work at the College of Holy Cross and received her medical degree from Dartmouth Medical School. She serves on the boards of Health Information Exchange for the state of Massachusetts, the Physician Organization of South Shore Hospital and South Shore PHO. Her new book, The Unmaking of a Drug Dealer; a Physician’s Journey to Becoming a Healer, reflects 35 years of experience helping patients shed the burden of disease and welcome the experience of wellness.

The Unmaking of a Drug Dealer

Stephen Roberts, MD

Dr. Roberts interests have taken him from neuroscience into the field of medicine, where his training has allowed him to work with underserved rural and overseas populations in developing nations. His work is now focused at home, on people, many with chronic illnesses, who are seeking help and have often been overlooked or neglected in some way by our medical system. He specializes in treating patients wanting to go beyond conventional medical treatment options, leaning into his knowledge of herbal medicine, nutrition, and other integrative therapies along the way.

Janine Zuromski, NP, MPH

Janine brings a wealth of expertise with 15 years experience as a nurse practitioner working in a variety of settings including primary care, cardiology, rheumatology and pain management. She has particular expertise in utilizing non-opioid based therapies to achieve pain control. Janine received her nurse practitioner degree from Boston College after completing a Master's in Public Health from Boston University. WIth a strong commitment to patient education, she empowers her patients to understand the role they can play in achieving optimal health.

Leslie Frodema, RN

Leslie spent the first part of her career as an intensive care unit nurse working in teaching hospitals including the University of Pennsylvania where she completed her undergraduate education. She then added to this knowledge base years of study in nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine. With this breadth of education and experience she collaborates with our clinicians to offer a truly wholistic approach to patient care.

Cathy Wood, RN

Cathy is an experienced infusion specialist nurse providing a variety of therapies including biologics, antibiotics, hydration and nutrition-based infusions. Her clinical expertise is unsurpassed and her compassionate approach will ensure that you have a positive experience with infusion therapy.

Alison O'Brien, LPN

Bio coming soon.

Leann Campbell, RN

Bio coming soon.

Diana Murphy, RN

Bio coming soon.

Alexis Baird, NP

Bio coming soon.
Office Manager

Paula Farrell

Insurance Billing

Mary Boudreau

Bio Coming Soon

Dr. Hopkins and her staff are a God send. They are some of the most caring, thoughtful, kind, helpful, and genuine people I have ever interacted with in a medical practice, let alone in life.


I have been a patient of Dr Hopkins for over a decade. Not only is she a brilliant and caring doctor who has saved my life (twice!) but her compassion and ability to connect on a personal level is something I havn't seen in a doctors office.


I have been a patient of Dr. Hopkins for over 22 years and I highly highly recommend her andhHer nurse practitioner Maura Hines.

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