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We think patient care should be about restoring the health of the people we treat, instead of just addressing their current symptoms. At Hopkins Medical Group, we consider our patients' whole health picture, getting to the root-causes of disease and setting people up to live healthy, wellness-centered lives. Our highly experienced staff is hand-selected for their functional medicine expertise, and their unwavering belief in a better patient care system.

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We practice a preventive medicine approach, in which we connect our patients to the resources they need to live healthy, wellness-centered lives. We're proud to provide an alternative to the status quo, understanding that writing prescriptions and treating symptoms are just a small part of helping people heal.

Functional Medicine is a biology-based approach to health care that focuses on identifying and treating root-causes of symptoms and disease.

Hopkins Medical Group patients enjoy longer appointments and more time with their practitioners, either in-office or via telemedicine. They receive comprehensive treatment plans based on their unique health history, lifestyle, and biological makeup, and benefit from coordinated care management with non-HMG specialists.

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