Energy Medicine Services

Hopkins Medical Group offers a suite of Energy Medicine Services, making the latest in medical innovation available to you. From using light to incite healing at the cellular level, to retraining your brain back unlock a state of calm and restoration, we've got the technology you need to achieve greater health and well-being.

Our Therapies

Laser Therapy

Cool Laser Treatments


BrainTap Therapy Sessions

Neurobiofeedback Lens

Brain mapping and Treatment

BEMER Therapy

Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Frequency Specific Microcurrent

FSM Treatments

Autonomic Response Testing

Nervous System Therapy

How it Works

Kind Words

Dr Hopkins, her nurses, and front office staff have brought the human element back into medicine operating with altruism, professionalism, and efficiency.


Everyone here is amazing. They really really care about you, and your mental health!


I attend this clinic for my infusions and have always enjoyed my experience. The front desk staff are incredibly warm and caring and Cathy, the nurse, is just the best!


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