Why Medical Associations Recommend Laser Therapy 1:10
Shine the Light

Laser Therapy

For over a year we have been developing new strategies to help you find the path to wellness. Light therapy with the cool laser has been researched for decades. From autoimmune disease to chronic infections such as Lyme and other co-infections as well as pain management. Heal with light. We offer Photobiomodulation laser therapy service for our patients.

Cold Laser Therapy Consultation

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Cold Laser Therapy Explained

Light, in its many forms, is a fundamental element of life and healing. Ancient and modern medicines alike have harnessed the power of light, applying it to a multitude of ailments and illnesses, using its properties as medicine.

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The Benefits of Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is innovating the way we treat pain and repair muscle damage today. Listen to Dr. Richard Amy, a laser therapy pioneer, whose work led to the first FDA clearance for low-level laser therapy in the United States.