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Aesthetics services by experienced medical providers.

We proudly offer quality aesthetics services by licensed medical providers. We aim to provide only the best products, services, and therapies for our patients, in an environment that is clean, safe, and comfortable.

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Customizable Wedding Aesthetics Packages

Here Comes the Bride


Enjoy this package of Trusculpt on 6 sites, botox, and lip filler. If purchased individually, these services would total $3100. Spoil the whole wedding party by buying 4 at $2400, and receive one free. Boost your bridal package by adding custom services like SKIN PEN (with or without platelet-rich plasma) with 3 treatments for is $600. Special group rates also apply.

Wedding Party Wake-Up


Treat the overserved rehearsal and wedding guests with on-site IV rehydration packages. Our team of nurses will be on call 24/7 for your events leading up to and including the wedding. IV hydrations start at $1000/night and include the first two infusions. The next infusions are $150/infusion. Custom packages are also available upon inquiry.

Wedding Weight Loss Boost


Slim down and look amazing in your dress or suit by purchasing our PROLON rapid loss program. This safe, easy-to-use program is backed by science, and helps people trim down fast.  Participants, on average, can lose up to 8lbs in 5 days. The $180 price includes all your meals for the 5 day program. Group rates are also available, upon request.

Additional Aesthetics Packages

Mommy Make Over

After having babies, you may be ready for a mommy makeover. We offer:

  • Facial rejuvenation for pigment changes, rosacea, and acne. We combine ZO skin health programs with micro-needling for perfect results.
  • Cutera ID sculpt, used on the abdomen, back, flank, and arms for a 25% reduction in fat, is the only FDA-approved skin tightening. Bolster your results with Trusculpt, used on the abdomen and combined with micro-needling, to help eliminate stretch marks.
  • Botox and fillers to help bring back a youthful appearance. Wipe away time by relaxing and filling in the creases and folds of exhaustion and age.
  • Two months of BEMER treatments for rejuvenation.

Decade Revenge

Whether you are celebrating your 40th or 60th birthday, you deserve to look your best. We offer:

  • Tummy tucks, lid lifts, facelifts, or arm contouring to supplement our myriad of non-invasive therapies. Our doctors and nurses are here to ensure that what you need is available in a timely fashion for any event.
  • IV therapies for energy recovery, lightening the skin, increasing metabolism, and wiping out fatigue. Onsite IV services are perfect for parties, helping hosts and guests recover from their indulgences.
  • BEMER treatments, as a part of a greater rejuvenation package. Enjoy the recovery method used by top-tier athletes.

Anniversary Gift

Think outside the box this anniversary by giving a gift they really want. We offer:

  • Customizable packages including your choice of skin revitalization products and therapies, custom diet plans, metabolic makeovers, and more.
  • An IV hydration bar that will reset your energy and physical turnaround, with on-site services available for parties and celebrations.
  • A non-surgical facelift, which includes chin sculpting, micro-needling with Platelet-rich Plasma, and our ZO skin program. Add Botox and fillers to erase the years.
  • Our FDA-approved Cutera ID sculpting with skin tightening for trouble areas.
  • BEMER treatments, with a two-month unlimited package.

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