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Our medical team is here to help you through your entire healing process.

Functional Medicine


Primary Care


Preventative and Personalized Health Care

Functional Medicine Services

We’re here to do more than simply treat your symptoms. We’ll explore your health history and current problems with you and evaluate how genetics, lifestyle, food choices, stress, and environment may be contributing to how you feel. A personalized care plan will be designed using all our tools including medication, herbs, nutrition, IV infusions, and energy medicine to help you regain your health and vitality. 

Arthritis and Auto-Immune Specialized Care

Rheumatology Services

We’re experts in managing autoimmune diseases, from rheumatoid arthritis to Lupus, and have the experience to treat challenging conditions like Lyme Disease. We offer an integrated approach to care and get to the bottom of your underlying issues by identifying their root causes.

General Health Care

Primary Care Services

We’re here to help address your general health concerns, provide annual physicals, see you for same-day care when there is an urgent need, and coordinate hospital and specialty care if required.

Audiovisual and Virtual Appointments

Telemedicine Services

Telemedicine is a convenient alternative to the standard office visit and is now covered by most insurance providers. Meet with your health care professional on a secure audiovisual platform to discuss your current symptoms, review and discuss lab results, address your medication needs and so much more. Patients are still required to visit the office in person every six months.

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Let's Make the Most Out of Our Time Together

We take a comprehensive look at your health.

We strive to not just treat your symptoms, but to take the time to understand the underlying root causes that have brought your body out of balance. Using our science-based, functional medicine expertise, we’ll look deeper and draw upon multiple treatment avenues including nutrition, lifestyle modifications, energy medicine, and when necessary, prescription medications.

Our goal is to help you return to balance, gain freedom from our symptoms, and move beyond your diagnosis to get back to vibrant health. We to promise to listen closely and dedicate more time to help you heal.

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