Medical Services

When you're sick or in pain, you don't want your care being passed around.

Our medical team is here to help you through your entire healing process.

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Telemedicine Services allow for a face to face conversation with your medical professional, without the hassles of an in-person visit.

Virtual medicine is an affordable alternative to the standard office visit, and is now covered by most insurance providers. These appointments allow you to meet with your health care professional to discuss your current symptoms, to plan for longterm health, to facilitate prescription orders, and so much more.
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See what's possible with our telemedicine services.
General Health Care

Primary Care Services

We're here to help address your general health concerns, to treat your symptoms, to see you through your specialized care, and to restore your body back its healthy state.
Arthritis and Auto-Immune Specialized Care

Rheumatology Services

We'll help you navigate conditions like Lyme Disease, Arthritis, Lupus, and other chronic and auto-immune related prognoses - getting to the bottom of your underlying issues and root causes.
Preventative and Personalized Health Care

Functional Medicine Services

We're here to do more than simply treat your symptoms. Instead, we'll use your health history, lifestyle, habits, and body type to personalize your healthcare plan.

The Hopkins Medical Group Approach

Give us the whole story.

We take a comprehensive look at your health.

Your current symptoms are just a small part of your health picture. We want to know about your history, your predispositions and lifestyle habits, and your unique biology - using what we learn to make a personalized care plan.

Let's get to the heart of the problem.

We search for causes, not just symptoms.

Pain and symptom management is important, but we think spending time finding the root causes of your ailments is essential - and that often, healing is possible.

Let's make the most out of our time together.

We give you our full attention when you're in our care.

We understand that your time is valuable and that you deserve our full attention. So, when you're in our care, we promise to listen critically, dedicating more time to helping you heal.

Are you ready to take a proactive approach to your personal health and wellness?