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Virtual Town Halls at Hopkins Medical Group started as a way for us to update and educate our patients on the latest medical news during the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, our Virtual Town Halls are still focused on the latest medical advancements, with a particular emphasis on functional medicine topics, featuring special guests and thought leaders throughout the medical industry.

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Join Us January 30 at 6pm EST for our Let your health be the STAR Town Hall

Leslie McGuirk will join us January 30  at 6PM to disucss our astrologic journey this coming year. IS the storm coming? Is it a tornado?

How will the presidential candidates and election affect our health? Are you feeling the turbulence of the times? Join us as Leslie looks at the year ahead and outlines the impact on our health and wellbeing.  She is an amazing and impactful astrologer.  Many times, i have been questioned about “you really believe that?”.  My response is always the same! If the moon and the planets can move the oceans it certainly can affect us! We are 98 % water.  SO, peel yourself away from you phone and join us for a lively discussion that night.

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