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Our society has lost sight of the amazing ability our bodies have to heal and to be healthy. So many people have accepted a reality of discomfort, pain, and heavy medication. People are under the impression that as we age we have no choice but to adjust to – and live with – illness.

The truth is that the body has a relentless desire to operate at its optimal level – and it is our responsibility to give our bodies what they need.

Dr. Hopkins is dedicated to helping patients gain confidence and take control of their health. No matter where you are in your health journey Dr. Hopkins wants to help you find relief and regain the strength to thrive in life.

We ask the important questions and give guidance on the basis that all bodies have the potential to heal.

  • Are you on the right health regime and can adjustments be made to meet your individual needs? Each body is different, each lifestyle is different – and we want to work closely with you to determine the most effective treatment plan.
  • Are you getting the right nutrition, setting your body up for success in the healing process? We can help you develop lifestyle skills that are the basis for achieving optimal health. We provide nutrition classes and health coaching, and love to see individuals take ownership of their health. It is amazing how the body will react to small changes!
  • Have you been tested properly and educated in your wholistic options? Finding the root cause of your health problems is the first step to building an effective plan. The next step is understanding your treatment options and how we can work together to help you be the most successful.

We want to help our patients support their own bodies, safely regain health, and lower the dependency on medications that come with unwanted side effects.

Your body wants to be healthy and ultimately it is in your hands. You do not have to accept a reality that leaves you living around your illness. We believe we can give you the tools and support you need to be successful.