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Our bodies are working overtime to keep up with everything we put in it: processed foods, animal proteins, fat, sugar and stress. When our busy lives get in the way of vital exercise, it’s no wonder our colons pay the price and become the repository of accumulated waste and toxins. This price is why Liz Marcano-Pucillo turned to colonics more than 20 years ago to address her own medical issues. And it’s what led her to leave behind a successful career in the banking and real estate management. Today, as a certified colon hydrotherapist at the Internal Wellness Center in Greater Boston, Liz helps clients feel rejuvenated.

In this episode of the Genius of Wellness podcast, Liz takes the mystery out of colon hydrotherapy, describes how a session works, shares the benefits from increased energy to clearer skin, and how her work is one ingredient in the holistic approach to managing one’s health and well-being.