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Dr. Hopkins takes a look at three main problems our country faces in healthcare. These factors have given her a strong passion for wholistic healthcare.

Cost vs. Quality

The United States are ranked globally for healthcare quality at 38, even though the cost of healthcare is the most expensive in the world.

Patients lose trust in their health professionals when their needs are met with cookie cutter treatments and over-scheduled doctors, at an unreasonable cost.

Fear Driven Patients

When individuals are forced to make health decisions with the fear of high deductibles, we have people waiting to receive care until their condition worsens and treatment is unavoidable.

When decisions about our health are commanded by the fear of financial stress, we lose confidence in our ability to get the support we need to be healthy.

Distance Between Patients and Doctors

With the disconnect between cost and quality, there comes a disconnect between doctor and patient. When the focus becomes high cost specialties, and preventive wholistic care falls to the back burner, people are getting sicker and doctors are becoming more frustrated.

Hopkins Medical Group sees these disconnects and is driven to bridge the gap. By giving individuals another option for quality care that focuses on the root cause. Patients are given the control to manage their own health through education, nutrition, natural and manageable treatment regimes, with a focus on supporting the body’s instinct to heal.