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At Hopkins Medical Group we deliver personalized care
Primary Care

Primary Care

We treat you as an individual, from your annual physical to any health issues that pop up along the way.

Health autoimmune

Autoimmune Disease

We treat your complex health issues, from rheumatoid arthritis to chronic fatigue to joint pain.

Functional Medicine

We treat patients looking for a new approach to getting healthy, by discovering the root causes of your symptoms.


Listen to our Podcast

The Genius of Wellness Podcast: Where doctors pull back the curtain on the healthcare industry and offer fresh insights, motivation and a dose of humor to help us reclaim, regain and restore our health.

awaken inner healer

Awaken Your Inner Healer

Awaken your Inner Healer October 23- Understanding the Power of Your Thoughts to Heal The average person has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. 80% of those thoughts are negative and 95% are exactly the same repetitive thoughts as the day before. Your body responds to how you think, act and feel. Learn simple and powerful techniques to transform any negative, repetitive thoughts that create stress, worry, pain, and suffering into empowering and healing thoughts that create the feelings of peace, health and well-being.

Hopkins Medical Group

Here at Hopkins Medical Group we believe that every patient is a unique gift who invites us into their journey to wellness. Our doctors and medical staff are inspired every day by the opportunity to share their knowledge with patients. Our group is always learning and discovering new approaches to help patients towards better health. Learn more about the fantastic treatment team at Hopkins Medical Group. 

Hopkins Medical Group

We Treat The Whole Patient


Comprehensive exams; screenings and wellness assessments


Expert care to get the right diagnosis

Functional Approach

Focus on “root cause” of health problems


Lecture series; shared visits and patient library

Whole Body

Discounts on supplements, ZO skin products; aesthetic services

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New Patient Request

New patients may request an appointment by email or phone. Existing patients please call the office to schedule an appointment.

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