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Patricia Hopkins, MD

Dr. Patricia Hopkins has been practicing medicine for 30 years. She did her undergraduate work at the College of Holy Cross and received her medical degree from Dartmouth Medical School. She serves on the boards of Health Information Exchange for the state of Massachusetts, the Physician Organization of South Shore Hospital and South Shore PHO. Her new book, The Unmaking of a Drug Dealer, reflects 35 years of experience helping patients shed the burden of disease and welcome the experience of wellness.

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Stephen Roberts, MD

Dr. Roberts interests have taken him from neuroscience into the field of medicine, where his training has allowed him to work with underserved rural and overseas populations in developing nations. His work is now focused at home, on people, many with chronic illnesses, who are seeking help and have often been overlooked or neglected in some way by our medical system. He specializes in treating patients wanting to go beyond conventional medical treatment options, leaning into his knowledge of herbal medicine, nutrition, and other integrative therapies along the way.

Maura Hines, NP

Maura began her career as a registered nurse in an acute care setting at Mass General Hospital. After completing her training as a nurse practitioner at Boston College, Maura worked in the primary care setting with a focus on Geriatrics. At Hopkins Medical Group, Maura provides both primary care with an interest in Women’s Health and Rheumatology care for patients with a wide range of rheumatologic and autoimmune diseases. Being a mother of four children, Maura has gained lots of first-hand experience in managing family health issues.

Leslie Frodema, RN

Leslie spent the first part of her career as an intensive care unit nurse working in teaching hospitals including the University of Pennsylvania where she completed her undergraduate education. She then added to this knowledge base years of study in nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine. With this breadth of education and experience she collaborates with our clinicians to offer a truly wholistic approach to patient care.

Cathy Wood, RN

Cathy is an experienced infusion specialist nurse providing a variety of therapies including biologics, antibiotics, hydration and nutrition-based infusions. Her clinical expertise is unsurpassed and her compassionate approach will ensure that you have a positive experience with infusion therapy.
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Deanna Murphy, RN

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Alison O'Brien, LPN