Hopkins Medical Group Treatments


Whether it’s alleviating skin blemishes, reducing fat using non-invasive methods, or minimizing the effects of aging, our goal is to partner with you to help you look and feel your very best. Our experienced team of nurses and doctors will help you chose from the services we offer including TruSculpt, Botox and SkinPen microneedling as well as our Zo Skin Care product line. From the inside out and top to bottom, the Genius of Wellness Approach can help you renew and regenerate your overall health!


Specialty Testing

You have the option to receive specialty tests not offered by commercial labs such as Quest or LabCorp.  These tests are often utilized by Functional Medicine based practices because they can provide important clues toward understanding the root cause of a health problem.  Our clinicians have the expertise to interpret tests which assess your microbiome, cellular nutrient levels, hormonal balance, food sensitivities, presence of SIBO and so forth.  Most of these tests are not covered by insurance.  

IV Therapies

At times intravenous infusions can play an important role in treating a disease or just boosting your overall health.  We offer an array of therapies from biologic infusions such as Remicade to antibiotics for infections or nutrient supplementation such as Myers cocktails.  Our on-site infusion center offers a comfortable environment staffed by highly trained nurses to ensure you receive the highest quality care experience.

IV Therapy
Functional Medicine


We believe you are what you eat and so nutritional guidance is an integral part of your treatment plan at Hopkins Medical Group.  To help you sift through all the confusing messages about what to eat we have as part of our team a Functional Medicine trained nutritionist.  She provides nutritional plans tailored to your specific needs whether you are trying to understand how nutrition can help reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol, lose weight, reverse diabetes or just feel better. 

Laser Therapy

Low-level laser therapy (also known as Cold Laser Therapy) is a form of medicine that utilizes specific wavelengths of light to interact with tissue to accelerate healing.  Using a small hand-held device, the practitioner applies the light beam over the area of tissue requiring treatment.  Whereas high-power lasers are used to cut or destroy tissue, cold lasers are beginning to be more widely used in doctors’ offices to help relieve pain, reduce inflammation and stimulate cells to heal.  Our practitioners can discuss this treatment option with you during your office visit. 

joint injections

Joint & Trigger Point Injections

Injections of medications such as cortisone or anesthetics directly into a joint or trigger point can provide immediate and very targeted relief from inflammation caused by conditions such as arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis or muscle “knots”. Dr Hopkins and our nurse practitioners are skilled at both evaluating when this intervention may benefit you and administering these procedures safely within the course of your office visit.