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GenWell Primary

With primary care membership we bill your insurance for annual physicals and office visits.

$20/month or $199/year
20% off GenWell Programs
24/7 Telephone Support
Monthly Lecture Series
Discounted Supplements & GenWell Services

GenWell Assessment

Starting at...



One 90 min. Physician-led Assessment
One Physician-led Follow-up Visit
1 Hour Medical Record Review
Individual Treatment Plan
Recommendations for Advanced Testing
Review of Advanced Testing
GenWell Programs Recomendation

GenWell Nutritional Coaching



One 90 min. Assessment Session
Personalized Meal Plan
Basic Bio-Marker Test
Hopkins Medical Community Resources

Corporate Health

We developed a corporate specific program that fits the needs of the group. Is it nutrition? Sleep? Mental health access? Get access to alternative therapies and concierge access to specialists for your business.

The benefits of membership

Access to GenWell Programs

Individual Programs

Urgent Care

IV Infusions Therapy

Healthy Lifestyle

Discounted Supplements

Wellness Coaching

Educational Meetings

Telephone Support

Hopkins GenWell FAQ's

Membership is required for anyone who wishes to receive primary care or rheumatology services. Membership allows us to offer the wide array of benefits that a Functional Medicine based practice needs to provide in order to determine the root cause of illness and take a wholistic approach to healing.

Follow this secure online payment system to become a member.

Yes. Any person whether new to the practice or a long-time established patient will need to become a member to receive care.

A new patient will begin to pay a membership fee the month they have their initial appointment.

Our goal is to be able to spend more time with patients to identify and address the underlying cause of their health problems. We believe high-quality care is not only diagnosing a problem but also working with you to identify the root cause, discuss all treatment options including nutrition, herbs and supplements and mind-body practices. This approach takes more time and is not fully covered by insurance.

The cost is $20 per person per month. There is also the option to pay the full amount once a year and receive a discounted annual membership fee of $199. The cost is per person so if you and a family member are both patients of our practice you would both pay the $20 per month.

Once you register through our secure payment system, your credit card will be billed either once a month or once a year depending on the option you choose.

Since each plan has different rules, please contact your plan administrator to see if this is an approved expense for you.

Yes. The membership fee is paid to Hopkins Medical Group and is completely separate from your insurance. We will bill your insurance for your office visit and any copays, deductibles, or out-of-pocket expenses that your insurance may require still apply.

We accept most insurance plans from the following carriers. If you are part of MassHealth or Neighborhood Health Plan please contact our office directly to confirm coverage:

Blue Cross/Blue Shield
HMO Blue
Harvard Pilgrim
United Health Care
We are sorry, but, we DO NOT ACCEPT Mass Health as a primary care provider or Medicaid Plans within the Health Connector.

Please keep in mind that it is your responsibility to contact your insurer prior to your appointment to find out whether we are contracted providers, whether you require a referral, what your deductible may be, etc.

GenWell Corporate Contact

If you want to learn more about how Hopkins GenWell Corporate can help keep your business healthy, send us a message!