Introducing Our New Program

Mend the Mind, Heal the Body

Presented by Stephen Roberts, MD and Leslie Frodema, RN

Have you ever reached for a special tool to complete an important project?  Something simple to use, easily accessible, customized to our needs.  We believe you need the right tools to live the healthiest life.   

Join us as we launch our Mend the Mind, Heal the Body program. On 3 consecutive Mondays, Dr. Stephen Roberts and Functional Nurse Nutritionist Leslie Frodema will teach you practical yet powerful ways to address deep-seated issues that are impacting your health.  This may include emotional blockages, past experiences, family discord, or strains that may be contributing consciously or subconsciously to your health-related issues.  Physical symptoms often have underlying psychological traumas or triggers. If unaddressed over time, a wide array of chronic health issues may result. 


Here are the skills you’ll acquire:

  • Learn important acupressure points that you can “tap” upon with your hands to help release the stress a belief, memory or trauma may be creating within your body. 
  • Practice developing and declaring appropriate affirmation statements to address mental/emotional blocks or past traumas.
  • Understand how your unique position and role within your family as well as unresolved family issues may be impacting you. Learn simple techniques to begin to release from your body any related stress.  Each person will be given a simple 3 generational family tree (genogram) to complete. 

The skills you learn can be used at home, work, in your personal relationships and for the rest of your life.   


Program Format:

  • Small group setting (10 people or less). There are unique benefits that can be gained within a group healing setting.
  • Meet once a week for 3 consecutive weeks at Hopkins Medical Group. Meetings are 90 minutes.
  • Each week will build on the previous week’s skills, so we expect that participants will commit to attending all 3 sessions.
  • Teaching methods include interactive lecture, demonstration, pairing up with partners to practice the skills being taught.
  • Homework will consist of practicing skills learned between sessions and completing a simple family tree (genogram).
  • These sessions are billed to your insurance as a group visit.


Who should attend?

This program is open to all. We all have traumas in our lives, whether we give them conscious attention or not. For many of us, our physical health improves by addressing them.

All participants will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement since participants may choose to disclose personal information which should never be shared outside of the group.  Each participant chooses what he/she/they wishes to disclose. There is no requirement or pressure to disclose any information that a participant deems too personal. 

Program Information:

Dates:  3 consecutive Mondays: July 12th, July 19th and July 26th

Time:   6:00 – 7:30 pm 

Where:  Hopkins Medical Group,  571 Main Street Weymouth, MA

Pre-registration required.  Contact the office at 617-773-9198 or email to sign up.