How to Manage the Keto Diet Forever


Ketogenesis is an established metabolic event well known for decades. In 1976, after graduating from college I worked with Dr. Sidney Ingbar. He was the author of the medical textbook “The Thyroid” which was considered the Bible for all endocrinologists. Recently I have returned to the basics of that research over 40 years ago. Fact, […]

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The Importance of Gut Health


All disease begins in the gut. What does this mean? There is mounting medical evidence to show that the health of our gastrointestinal system, from top to bottom, has profound effects on the health of our entire body. Our old ways of thinking in Medicine are undergoing a revolution. The old way taught us that […]

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Keeping Your Brain Healthy

We walked into the dining room. My mother-in-law kept shaking her head at each table. We were looking for three seats. No, not there, not there. I felt like we were trying to avoid sitting down with Death itself. Around the room, the average age was 96. Most were with their walkers, limping, curled over, […]

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Lyme Disease Information and Resources

lyme disease

Tick-borne diseases are approaching the contemporary version of the plague. Tick-borne illnesses, while less deadly, are now responsible for over 300 thousand new infections in the US yearly. Most data suggests that this is a gross underestimate. With numbers of new infections each year probably closer to a half million to a million a year. […]

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Improving Your Cholesterol Health Without Drugs

cholesterol health

In 1989 I was preparing a lecture for the residents on the first decade of statins. While reviewing the data two papers reference contained data that formed my future in medicine. The first point was that women suffer heart attacks with normal cholesterol level and the only predictor of a cardiac event was a prior […]

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Diabetic Treatment With Functional Medicine


A new patient to my practice was referred for treatment of her psoriasis and arthritis. She did well on her initial therapy with Humira and had almost total clearing of her skin. Her visit last April started with a tearful statement, “my doctor is sending me for gastric sleeve surgery or gastric bypass.” The patient […]

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Creating a Positive Relationship Between Patient and Physician

When primary care doctors are able to provide the majority of care for their patients, it creates a positive relationship between patient and physician. Patients trust doctors who knows their history. Doctors know their patients and are able to provide effective care in an efficient manner. Patients know who to call and where to go […]

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