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There’s a lot that gets stored in our minds. Unless you live life on a Zen-inspired mountaintop, many of us hold onto thoughts that are not serving us. Maybe you beat yourself up over something in your past or compare yourself to others and ask “what if”. Think of your mind as a garden and every experience in your life is in your garden. 

Karen Paolino Correia helps clients discover thoughts that serve you better. 

Karen is an angel intuitive, certified hypnotist and life coach in Greater Boston. Like many holistic health care practitioners, Karen was guided to this life when something personal struck: she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer 25 years ago. “My cancer was my wake up call to live my life as my authentic self”, says Karen. Even though she was cured, Karen knew there was still mental scaring and to work through. 

In this episode of the Genius of Wellness podcast, Karen shares the experience of her first miracle when she met her guardian angel, the questions to ask your inner healer before you go to sleep at night, and how to train yourself to be more sensitive to your feelings.